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Cold Laser Therapy for Thinning or Limp Hair

Laser Light Therapy

Hair is an important part of the overall facial appearance. Hair loss heavily contributes to the look of “advanced aging.” It is an excellent option for post-menopausal women with thinning or lifeless hair. HRS of Calgary specializes in various men’s hair loss solutions, women’s hair loss solutions, hair extensions and hair enhancements. Our premier service is in Laser Light Therapy, to regrow lost hair.

You are a candidate for Cold Laser Therapy if you have any of the following:

  • Losing hair due male or female pattern baldness
  • Menopausal changes
  • Post-partum changes
  • Psoriasis
  • Hair loss due to brittle chemically damaged hair
  • Recovering from chemotherapy
  • Fine and limp hair
  • Side effects due to the medications
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Post scalp surgery (reduces tight, tender skin and normalizes sebum)

If any of these items apply, then Cold Laser Light Therapy is the answer for you. Cold Laser light therapy is an effective way to treat hair loss. Cold Laser Light stimulates cell function. The energy produced by the photons of these lasers is minimal and does not have a significant thermal component. The laser will not burn you! This low level laser stimulates the body’s mechanisms to repair and heal. We have an 95% rejuvenation rate if treatment is received within 9 years of hair loss.

It really works! Create fuller, thicker, healthier hair naturally. Restore a more youthful appearance with cold laser light therapy.

Laser hair therapy has a 95% success rate.

This exciting technology was featured on Dateline’s “The Follicle Five.” With safe, proven results for men and women, the LaserTEK system:

  • Stops or reduces excessive hair loss
  • Stimulates natural hair growth cycle
  • Uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) with a “cool”, non-thermal, non-cutting laser
  • Safe and effective hair loss treatment for men and women
  • No pain
  • No surgery
  • No side effects
  • Repairs and improves hair shaft quality resulting in a 25% increase in volume
  • Dramatically prolongs the life of hair color and perms
  • Relieves irritating scalp conditions

Studies and Surveys:

100% of men had stabilization of hair loss in frontal and vertex (top of the head) areas;
84.6% of men had hair regrowth (11% or more from baseline) in the frontal area;
82.8% of men had hair regrowth (11% or more from baseline) in the vertex area;
87.5% of women had stabilization of hair loss in the frontal area;
100% of women had stabilization of hair loss in the vertex area;
75% of women had hair regrowth (11% or more from baseline) in the frontal area;
96.4% of women had hair regrowth (11% or more from baseline) in the vertex area.

Laser light therapy Before and After

Is this Laser Safe? Yes.
The energy produced by the photons does not have the thermal or heat component to cause burn injuries seen with other laser devices. This is a healing laser. Laser Light energy does not change or alter molecular structures: it stimulates the body’s mechanism to repair and heal itself.

Post-treatment patient appearances demonstrated

86% had healthier hair
78% had thicker hair
76% had fuller hair

Strong Hair

I have been using the Laser Light Therapy for 8 months and I have noticed the strength of my hair improve and even new growth.

- Brenda B.

Laser Light Results

I was just started to lose my hair. After just 4 months on the Laser Light therapy program I stopped losing hair. It’s growing back. Wow!

- Fred P.


What can I say? Thank you for all that you do.

- Gordon D.

Easy to Wear

My hair was so thin. I needed more hair. Hair Extensions seemed to be the answer. These Hair Extensions are quick and easy to wear. How come everyone doesn’t know about Hot Heads Hair Extension?

- Emilie T.



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